Where can we ship?

We use Canada Post for all our shipping services, and can ship to most parts of the world. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary depending on size of order, and destination. All shipping charges will be calculated at check out.

Are there additional duties and fees?

Countries throughout the world have various duties and fees that may apply. Any additional duties or fees are not charged by Twisted Beard Company and are the responsibility of the buyer. We suggest you look into your country requirements prior to ordering.

Where do Twisted Beard Company products ship from? 

Our products ship from Ontario Canada.

What is the estimated delivery time?

Delivery times vary depending on destination. Delivery times will be estimated at check out. Estimated delivery times can be identified at Canada Post's website.



Why use Twisted Beard Company beard oil?

Twisted Beard Company beard oil will help sooth the itch that one might encounter during the first few weeks of beard growth. Beard oil will also moisturize the beard and skin to reduce and eliminate the beard dandruff. 

How much beard oil should I use?

The amount of beard oil required is dependent on the length and size of the beard. When starting a beard, a small amount of oil will be required to moisturize the skin. Once the beard grows out, a more generous amount may be required to moisturize the beard and get down to the skin. It is recommended to use a comb or brush to make sure the oil gets onto all the hair and gets down to the skin.

Why use Twisted Beard Company beard balm?

Twisted Beard Company beard balm provides styling control for your beard. Our beard balm is designed with all the attributes of our beard oil, but also includes additional all natural hold and style properties. 

How much beard balm should I use?

The amount of beard balm required is dependent on the length and size of the beard. Shorter beards will require less beard balm, and longer beards will require more. How much is based on the preference of the user, and how much control is required.

Why should I use Twisted Beard Company products?

All Twisted Beard Company products are made with all natural products, to ensure only the best quality products touch that beautiful beard. Our products are designed with a blend of the best all natural products that encourage healthy beard growth, and eliminates itch and dandruff. Twisted Beard Company apparel is made of good quality fabrics and designed to make you look as good as your beard does. The Twisted Beard Company one of a kind logo will certainly turn some heads.

How long is the product good for?

All the products used in Twisted Beard Company beard oil and beard balm, have extremely good shelf life. When stored properly our beard oil and beard balm can expect a shelf life of roughly one year. Our products are made and sold in containers to prevent direct light, and will get maximum shelf life when stored at or below room temperature.


If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us at TheTwistedBeardCo@gmail.com