Want to Grow a Beard?

Tips for Growing a Beard
Throughout history beards were a sign of power, wisdom, leadership and masculinity.  Many underestimate their ability to grow a full and thick beard and often don’t give it enough time.  So don’t give up, have patience, and let that beard grow for at least four weeks.  After the initial month the beard starts to connect and then you can start to evaluate your beard’s true potential.

Commit - You are either in or out!  When you decide to grow your beard, allow it to grow for a good month. It will begin to grow in a little wild, but fight the urge to do any heavy trimming or shaping, until you truly understand how your beard naturally grows. Then you can decide what's next for that beaver.

Beard Oils and Beard Balms - As soon as you decide to grow a beard, you'll need to invest in some good quality products such as ours at the Twisted Beard Company. Beard oils are designed to provide nourishment and nutrition for the skin and hair. Keeping the hair and skin moisturized, will eliminate that itch and flake and will provide you with a soft, shiny, smooth, sexy, and healthy beard. Our beard balm is designed to provide you with some control, as well as all the beneficial attributes of our oils. Just when that beard gets a little wild, turn to Twisted Beard Company beard balms.

Grooming - It’s your choice to shape or let your beard take its natural course.  We do recommend using a barber or barberette if you are unsure of how to trim your beard and avoid the “uh oh” moment. If you decide that beard is too important to let anybody else touch it, make sure to research proper techniques and tips. Invest in good quality tools such as a comb, brush, scissors and trimmer. Do not trim the neckline to high, always trim when your beard is dry, and only take a little at a time. 

Patience - Too often lack of patience results in men giving up on their beards. The proper products will make things easier, but patience is the key. Give your beard a chance to flourish. Let it grow in and properly nourish it, then you can give it some shape.

Take care of your body- Exercise will increase blood circulation and will assist in carrying proteins and vitamins to your hair follicles. Exercise will also release stress which will have a positive effect on your male hormones. Make sure to get the appropriate amount of sleep, and be sure to eat properly. A proper diet will assist in good beard growth. A good variety of fruits, vegetables, and protein in your meals will result in proper vitamin intake.