About Us


Twisted Beard Company was developed out of necessity by a few good ol’ Canadian boys. Products developed by bearded guys, for bearded guys. We only put the best all natural products into our blends, to ensure your beard stays soft, shiny, smooth, sexy, and healthy.

Our beards are our identity, and too many products on the market have harmful ingredients or just don’t offer the healthy attributes that we need for our beards. We began handmaking our products for our own personal use. Word quickly got around in regards to the quality of our beards, thanks to the quality of our product. Friends, family, and even strangers inquired on how we produced such majestic beards. We knew we had to share it with the world. We still handmake all of our Twisted Beard Company products, to ensure the same quality goes into every batch. All of our products are made with natural ingredients, sourced from Canadian companies.

What's a "Beaver"?
A bearded man of course! In the early 1900’s, the beard was referred to as a ‘Beaver’. The term appeared in the 1910's, and by the early 1920's the reference turned into a street sport. Friends would compete in a game in which to spot a bearded man and shout out ‘Beaver!’ The first to do so would earn points. Several types of rules emerged around the game. One of which was a simple points system, such as 10 points for each ordinary Beaver and 50 points for the red-bearded King Beaver, and of course the lady with a beard (the near-mythical Queen Beaver) earned 100 points. Another scoring system was similar to the game of tennis, 15-30-45, game-set-match. Misidentified Beavers were a double fault. 

We have taken the "Beaver" reference a step further, by introducing our Beaver phrased products.

Bare the Beaver!